The Practical Test

The practical driving test takes between 38 and 40 minutes. It is designed to ensure you are able to drive safely and that you understand the Highway Code. The test will be on different types of roads ie in built up areas, on dual carriageways to make sure you have all round experience.

On test day the Examiner will test your eyesight. You must be able to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 M. You will then be asked 2 show me/tell me questions. On the test the Examiner will give you ample warning when giving you directions. If you do not understand what you have been asked to do, just ask!

On test you will be asked to do one reversing manoeuvre which could be a turn in the road, a left reverse, a reverse parallel park or a bay park, and possibly, an emergency stop also.

Independent Drive
During the test you will be driving independently for approximately 10 minutes. The Examiner may show you a very basic map for you to follow.

The Examiner may ask you to follow signs ie to Watford Town Centre.

You may be asked to do both. It does not matter if you forget which road to take, just ask. This is designed to mimic real life.

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